The Doors of Opportunity Award was established in 1998. Charlie Staadecker, former School Board member for the district, led the campaign to raise $40,000 to fund this award. The intent was to give $2,000 a year to a teacher in the district who ‘opened doors’ for their students. The money was then deposited into the Seattle Foundation to hold and manage the funds. Each spring, the districts’ staff, parents, students and other community members are asked to submit a letter nominating their candidate. A selection committee is created which represents district administrative staff, teachers, high school students and the PTSA. The selection committee reviews each and then unanimously selects recipient of the award. The award is officially presented at the Teacher’s Opening Day Ceremonies in the early fall (the recipient is notified of the award before the last day of school). The award, a unique framed print of an open door, has been presented by both Charlie Staadecker and a member of the PTSA board. The teacher will receive a check at the award ceremony for $1,000 to be used in any way they choose and $1,000 to be used to pay for a recognized educational benefit to themselves, their school or the Vashon Island School District (the teacher will submit receipts up to $1000 for reimbursement).