The Vashon Island Community PTSA has announced they are joining forces with the Vashon Schools Foundation. With enthusiastic support from school district administrators and the education community, these two powerful advocates for our schools will combine resources and a robust volunteer pool to provide more benefits to the students, teachers and families in the Vashon school district.

 “The Vashon Island Community Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) and Vashon Schools Foundation (VSF) have a long and rich history of supporting our students, staff, and school community. Our schools thrive due to the ongoing involvement of these organizations,” said Slade McSheehy, Superintendent of Vashon Island School District. “Most recently, I am very excited about a new level of collaboration between PTSA and VSF. In the 2019-2020 school year and in an effort to better serve our schools, PTSA leadership will join VSF.  This partnership will dramatically improve their capability to enhance resources and support for District events that have been a hallmark of their service. Vashon Island School District is a very special place and we are fortunate to have the kind of caring adults and involvement of these two special organizations,” continued McSheehy.

PTSA is rebranding as FACE (Family and Community Engagement), joining a growing national education movement designed to better engage families in creating thriving public schools. As FACE, the former PTSA leadership will continue to sponsor beloved school events and activities such as the Harvest Festival, Teacher Appreciation, Popcorn Fridays, Fun Run and other annual traditions, but now as an arm of the Vashon Schools Foundation.  

 “As the FACE coordinator, I’m excited about this collaborative partnership,” said Jenny Wegley, Immediate Past President of Vashon Island Community PTSA. “Together, we can develop and implement a shared vision of excellence for Vashon Island students. When families and schools work together, everyone benefits,” declared Wegley.

 Even with the addition of FACE, the core mission of the Foundation remains the same: to help bridge the gap between the State’s basic education funding allotment and the actual cost of the high-quality educational opportunities that parents want for their students on island. The unification of the former PTSA with the Foundation serves this mission. Even better, a single donation to the Vashon Schools Foundation now supports a combination of curriculum, educational materials, program enrichments and community building throughout the Vashon school district.

 “We are two great organizations who are going to be even better together. We hope that our contributions will mean a positive and successful experience for everyone in our school family. At the heart of it, we want keep Vashon schools great places to learn, work, and teach,” explained Beth Lindsay, president of the Vashon Schools Foundation’s board of directors.

 For questions about the new partnership or to get involved, please contact vashonpublicschoolsfoundation@gmail.comTo make a donation in support of Vashon Schools Foundation, visit